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Marathon Q1 Milestone Anniversaries 2021

A big congratulations to Katie Keene and Chuck Bryan for their 10 year anniversary with Marathon Consulting! Katie and Chuck have had an impressive and impactful tenure with the company and we thank them for their hard work, dedication and commitment to exemplary customer service.

Katie Keene

Towards the end of 2010/start of 2011, Marathon was approaching the five-year mark of being in business. Up to that point, Marathon’s founding partners had handled all of the functions related running the business, including business development, staff support, and recruiting. To the casual observer, we had done pretty well by ourselves, hiring 23 new employees in our first five years. However, we had come to a point where we realized if we wanted to be able to sustain the level growth that our growing reputation was demanding, it was imperative that we bring on a professional fulltime recruiter. Fortunately, we had recently been introduced to Katie Keene, and a phone call that started out as a discussion related to potential local recruiters who might be on the market turned into a job interview that would help shape the fortunes of Marathon over the course of the next decade.

katie keene
Katie Keene (center) with Ron Gaylord (l) and Reggie Mano (r) at a Marathon quarterly meeting

If it were purely based on the numbers, and the more than 150 candidates Katie has helped bring into Marathon, we would be able to say that hiring Katie marked a turning point in the history of Marathon. But there is more to it than that; in Katie we were blessed to have found someone who, not only excelled at finding great candidates matching the ever-changing needs we had on an ongoing basis, but who also believed in and espoused the values of our company, and in doing so, told the Marathon story as well or better than anyone.

It has been more than impressive over this past decade to witness the continued energy and passion with which Katie approaches her craft. That energy, along with her belief in what Marathon stands for, has been a major contributor to allowing us to meet head on, for all these years, the challenges of building a team that is representative of those things that set us apart: quality, professionalism, and character.

Chuck Bryan

Chuck Bryan loves applying technology to solve problems. This trait has been central to his successful 25+ year career in software development. Chuck joined Marathon in March of 2011 coming from Advanced Health Media as a Manager and Software Engineer. During the past 10 years Chuck has worked with over 50 different clients providing a wide array technical services including custom application architecture & development, database & reporting solutions, business analysis, and design to name a few. His Marathon career has spanned numerous industries such as Financial/Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities, and the latest being Retail.

chuck bryan
Chuck Bryan (right) with Aaron Sawyer (l) and Katelyn Delaney (c) at a Marathon MTS training event

Chuck also loves to learn, and throughout his career he’s been a constant student of technology. He’s consistently an early adopter of emerging tools, techniques, and frameworks which keep him on the bleeding edge of software development. This drive to learn makes Chuck a valuable resource for others at Marathon to learn from. He was a natural choice for the role of Professional Development Manager, responsible for assisting fellow consultants plan out and execute their learning and training career goals. Chuck is also an active speaker at Marathon Training Sessions sharing and presenting on numerous topics since the beginning of the program.

Chuck’s professionalism, personality, and technical expertise has made him an invaluable resource to the firm. Whenever asked to step up in different situations, Chuck has always answered the bell. This is true internally where he serves as a Team Lead providing consultant staff support, as well as with clients, where he’s been asked to take on projects requiring him to learn new skills or technologies.


Ben Ricks

Ben Ricks is Vice President of Marathon Consulting and oversees our technical teams. He is a leading expert in web-based and client/server applications and relies on a broad range of development tools and leading data base management systems like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Ben began in the IT industry at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and then spent time at Keane, Inc. Throughout his career, he’s worked with clients in industries including education, energy, advertising, tourism, healthcare, communications and manufacturing. Ricks also holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

A native of Franklin, Virginia, Ricks graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Accounting and Computer Information Systems.

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