Custom Application Development - Mobile, Web, and Windows

A Cornerstone of Who We Are
and the Experience to Do the Job Right

Custom application development is a centerpiece of who we are at Marathon Consulting.

Marathon considers itself to be "Technology Agnostic." That is, Marathon recommends and provides application development services in the technical environment that are best capable of meeting the client's needs. Technical flexibility allows Marathon to either work within an existing client technical environment or recommend one that matches the client's goals, capabilities, and constraints.

Through our IT advisory services and experience with numerous application development projects, we have developed a strong Marathon Project Management (MPM) approach to the software project life cycle. With this approach, we have been able to achieve a 100% success rate on projects. The MPM approach integrates appropriate quality control checks and standards across all development categories and development phases to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery, while keeping the client informed along the way.

The majority of Marathon's custom application development is developed as a web or mobile application. However, Marathon still specializes in desktop-based development as well as intranet applications like SharePoint.

We also have experience with Salesforce automation and development, extranet portals, and other ERP and CRM tools.

Development Strengths

100% Successful Projects

All projects run with Marathon Project Management (MPM) have achieved success and client acceptance.

Certified Consultants

Marathon has 15 Microsoft Certified Developers on staff

Leading Edge Technologies

Marathon prides itself on being well versed in technologies both old and new, and provides internal training to our consultants to stay ahead of the curve.

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Application Development, Data Integration and Custom Reporting, IT Staff Augmentation, IT Advisory Services


Application Development, Data Integration and Custom Reporting, IT Staff Augmentation, IT Advisory Services

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Data Integration and Custom Reporting, Application Development

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