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As marketing managers and directors, we know you need more eyeballs on your website and other digital assets.

At Marathon Consulting, headquartered in Virginia Beach, we have the experience and track record to help you increase brand awareness, gain new customers, and drive new revenue.

We understand it's not enough to create a new website and just sit back and wait for the crowd to come rushing through the door. A powerful digital marketing campaign involves research on your audience and objectives, testing different ad types and messages, and then maintenance and reporting to optimize performance. The job of a digital marketer doesn't end once the ads go "live." It's a 365-days-a-year process to refine your marketing and advertising and develop new creative concepts.

That's why our digital marketing services team can help you design and develop your new online presence and provide ongoing support and strategy. We can bring the whole project together under one roof with our talented staff of digital marketing strategists, graphic designers, and certified senior developers. We're experts on Google/Bing advertising strategies and also have a deep knowledge of Microsoft and Umbraco, our content management system of choice.

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"I’ve worked with a number of agencies over the years, but none like Marathon. They are the most organized, transparent, real company I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. We undertook a massive restructure of our website, and added on six more, to create a new global website, and we would never have pulled it off without their diligent project management, structure, expertise and knowledgeable team of designers and developers. We are thrilled to finally find that one agency that can do it all!"

Amanda Emery, Director - Strategic Marketing
Envista Forensics

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We are a full-service IT and digital marketing firm. We believe that successful projects are the result of working collaboratively and transparently with our clients. Are you looking for a better user experience for your website or application? Need an experienced database architect or business analyst? Let’s talk!

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