Database Management and Administration

A company's data is one of its most valuable assets. Data should be protected, accurate, and readily available to support your organization's operations and key business decisions. Database health and maintenance are essential, but often neglected, aspects of data management and governance, and without solid strategies and monitoring in place, a company's data can be at risk of breach, corruption, or loss.

Marathon provides DBA expertise covering all stages of the data lifecycle, including database planning, management, and advisory services. Our team of certified DBA professionals has experience managing complex and sophisticated database systems, and will work with you to develop an effective data management strategy that is flexible and scalable.

When you partner with Marathon, you gain a trusted team who can manage the responsibilities of keeping your databases running at peak efficiency, allowing you to focus on your business and leverage your data with confidence.

Whether your data lives on-site, in the cloud, or both, we'll make sure it's safe, accurate, and ready to keep your business moving forward.


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Carlos Chacon, Director of Data Solutions

Key Benefits

Circle Check Peace of Mind

We monitor your databases and systems 24/7, and identify potential issues before they impact your organization.

Circle Check Security & Compliance

We utilize database hardening processes to provide multiple layers of data protection, and we are experts in meeting various industry compliance regulations.

Circle Check Operational Cost Savings

Supplement your team with an expert DBA for less than the cost of a junior full-time employee.


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Our Data Management Capabilities


  • Enterprise Database Planning
    Robust complex sophisticated database planning for organizations with large-scale volumes of data and users.
  • Database Architecture
    Design, develop, implement, and maintain database management systems
  • Database and Server Audits
    Review core factors of database health including security, configuration, backups and more.
  • 24/7 Database Monitoring
    Server status, jobs, behavior, data backups, performance, and other key server metrics, with alerts and reporting.
  • DBA Support
    Supplement your internal team with on-site or remote DBA expert support.
  • Remote Database Administration
    Includes monitoring as well as on-call support, maintenance, upgrades, installs and more.
  • Database and Server Troubleshooting
    Identification of performance issues, other common database problems, and prevention of errors
  • Performance Analysis, Optimization and Tuning
    Optimizing database and server resources to minimize query response times and maximize efficiency
  • Database Security and Compliance
    Database hardening processes provide multiple layers of data protection and compliance with various industry regulations
  • Backup Strategies
    Comprehensive backup planning including encryption, replication, testing, scheduling, storage, and more.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
    Creation of policies and procedures to ensure data is protected and fully recoverable in the event of catastrophe.
  • Database Migrations
    Reliable migration of data and databases, both on-premises, in the cloud, or between.
  • Database Upgrades
    All-inclusive database version upgrade packages delivered by our senior DBA professionals.




A Flexible Approach

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Jeff Achesinski, Solutions Architect

Marathon Consulting offers DBA and managed data services that are flexible, and customize solutions that work best for you.

When you partner with us for your database management services, we focus on the solutions that will meet your organizational needs and goals, align with your timeline and budget, and deliver value and peace of mind.

All of our DBA services can be provided as one-time project engagements or on-going managed database administration services such as 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. Our DBA professionals are also available to supplement your internal team in whatever capacity you need to ensure your databases are being managed and maintained effectively.





What Our Clients Are Saying

“Marathon has been an integral partner of Chartway’s for well over 2 years now. Marathon has provided high-quality, highly talented individuals whose expertise and drive to succeed has enabled us to progress and innovate in the data analytics and business intelligence space at an extremely rapid pace despite the use of new techniques and technologies previously not implemented or integrated to the level at which we leverage them today.”

Michael J. Scholl,, Director of Data Analytics
Chartway Data Warehousing Data A




Interested in Learning More about our DBA Services?

Want to learn more? We're happy to schedule a call or meeting to answer all your questions, and it's totally free.
It only costs a few minutes out of your day.

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