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Marathon uses a practical and repeatable search engine optimization (SEO) methodology to achieve client success. SEO is capable of providing a long-term advantage to your digital marketing efforts in conjunction with other digital advertising tactics.

Our SEO methodology and website audit services are comprised of several easy-to-understand steps, each of which adds significant value to the SEO effort.

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Breaking Down Marathon's Approach

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically over the past decade and continues to evolve. What has not changed is the importance of a sound keyword strategy that is well-implemented with the website's content and technical structure.

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Set the Baseline

The first phase of the Marathon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methodology is to conduct an analysis of the website to identify areas for improvement and develop a performance baseline. The Marathon SEO team performs an extensive amount of traffic and keyword analysis during the first phase of the effort. This provides critical information on the source and nature of the site visitors. Key metrics captured during this effort include:

  • Overall traffic counts
  • Traffic counts by search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Bounce rates
  • Pages visited

In addition to the key metrics, Marathon performs an in-depth analysis of your current website structure to determine the current optimization level. Key characteristics that are analyzed include:

  • Source code structure
  • Meta/Title tags
  • Content
  • Link popularity/saturation
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Define the Strategy

Following the initial assessment, Marathon produces a report detailing the findings and puts forward specific recommendations for the improvement of SEO performance with the new website. Marathon will work with the client to restructure the sitemap based on the results of keyword research and recommended UX strategy identified during the design process. The new sitemap and content strategy work together to strategically drive visitors through the sales funnel.

Marathon then provides keyword mappings that will be used in the meta tags and content for each page to further enhance the website optimization. Finally, we collaborate with the client to optimize the content to support the strategy.

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Execute the Strategy and Optimize

Once the SEO strategy is finalized, Marathon's development team moves on to the construction/remediation phase of the project to optimize the website's structure. Beyond the structural and technical factors that are required for a successful SEO effort, much of the success relies on the content of the website. Marathon works very closely with the client throughout the project to collaborate regarding the content to ensure it supports the strategy and is optimized for enhanced search engine performance. During this phase of the project, there is a great deal of knowledge transfer that occurs to ensure the client is comfortable and has the tools to continue their optimization efforts beyond the completion of the website development and SEO engagement.


Monitor, Update, and Adjust

It is critical that, following the remediation effort, website traffic is analyzed on a consistent basis by taking repeated measurements and analyzing the traffic to observe the effectiveness of the SEO strategy. By measuring specific key performance indicators (KPIs) from traffic, events, and keyword rankings, you can get a complete picture of your website's SEO performance and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Upon the launch of the newly optimized website, Marathon's team will work with the client to ensure the necessary tools are in place to assess its web traffic using Google Analytics and reporting. By leveraging tracking opportunities within Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, Marathon is adept at analyzing the client's website data, setting up reports and, if needed, providing custom reports tailored to the client's specific needs.

The final phase is typically performed on a quarterly basis for search engine performance and rankings monitoring to detect any significant changes in the traffic patterns.

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