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Applications today live on the web. Whether it be for internal use or for the world to consume, developing web-based applications is the cornerstone of Marathon’s application development service. Seventy-five percent of all applications we now develop are for the web. The web is the new standard for applications for many reasons, including mass accessibility, ease of deployment, and defined standards. When Marathon develops a web application, all platforms that will consume that application are considered and developed for, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Marathon also develops native mobile applications for businesses when the need arises.

There are many different technologies that get utilized in web development. Marathon has experience in many, but as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we specialize in ASP.NET applications.

Marathon consultants have been at the forefront of web application development and Windows application development since the earliest days of writing static HTML to Web 1.0, and now writing responsive dynamic websites built upon strong web services.

Marathon has extensive experience with a broad range of web application development software tools and environments. Our team has experience with practically every mainstream product used over the past 25 years, including Windows application development toolkits, database application development tools, programming languages, scripting languages, web application design tools, and other tools.

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Core Capabilities

Support all versions of ASP.NET (MVC) including .NET Core

Rich REST Services using ASP.NET Web API/NodeJS

Advanced JavaScript Frameworks - Like Angular 1/2, JQuery, Knockout.JS, Vue and React

Strong CSS3/HTML5 Implementations

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Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Data Integration and Custom Reporting, Application Development, Digital Marketing Services

Virginia CTE Resource Center

Application Development, Digital Marketing Services

Gold Key / PHR Hotels & Resorts

Data Integration and Custom Reporting, Application Development

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