Tony Cortinas

Tony Cortinas - President and Co-FounderPresident and Co-Founder

Tony serves as president and is one of the co-founders of Marathon Consulting. An experienced leader with over 25 years in Information Technology, Tony guides day-to-day operations and is responsible for driving growth and strategic initiatives for the organization. Tony earned his BBA in Information Technology from the College of William and Mary and began his career in networking before moving into application and web development.

In 2006, he and 3 other founders started Marathon Consulting to fulfill a need for quality IT services in the mid-Atlantic region. During that time, he oversaw marketing and finance for the organization, as well as led the Digital Marketing department. Tony successfully grew the team by over 500%, spearheaded the addition of search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising service offerings, and has been instrumental in expanding Marathon's reach and client base across the country.

Tony's passion for leveraging technology is a driving force to bring innovation and value to clients across many industries.

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