Envista Forensics

Envista Forensics (“Envista”) is a global leader in providing comprehensive forensic consulting and engineering services. Clients look to their engineers and consultants to provide expertise, investigation, project management, and multi-disciplinary analysis following any type of incident or disaster.

Envista Forensics partnered with Marathon in late 2020 to take on the full redesign and development of their parent website and 6 international sites, along with a complete remediation of their search engine optimization.


Envista Forensics had outgrown their old websites which were disjointed with poor usability and suffering from weak SEO as the multiple sites competed with one another. In addition, the sites were not responsive, making it difficult for mobile users to complete tasks, and the design was dated and did not reflect the depth and breadth of service and professionalism they offered to clients.

The primary goals for this project were to upgrade to Umbraco 8 CMS, developing one global website with a much-enhanced user experience. The new website would allow Envista to streamline their content management while offering localized content by region, provide easier access to their extensive training programs and experts, a solid foundation for their search engine optimization, and support the scalability needed for their growth in the years to come.


At the start of this project, the Marathon and Envista teams dove deep into research and discovery together. We looked at all the user data available, internal and client feedback, business goals, explored the audiences we were serving, their needs and perspectives, and mapped the user journeys exposing the road blocks, friction, and best of all, the opportunities to improve. We inventoried the content of the current websites and designed a new, more intuitive information architecture. The Marathon UX team spent months working closely with the Envista team on the look and feel of the new site, creating a fresh, bright look and feel, streamlined user flows, and intuitive user experience that represented the global company that Envista Forensics is today. Our design team worked closely with our expert team of developers as they brought all the mockups and experience direction to life through fast loading content, interaction animations, advanced functionality, and ADA compliance.

Marathon's Umbraco certified developers stood up a new Umbraco 8 CMS implementation with customized language translation/localization for 7 different regions. They built a number of reusable and interchangeable components in the CMS to allow for robust content presentation and for the site admins to create custom pages for future needs.  Our developers collaborated with our internal teams and the client throughout the build process to ensure all the advanced functionality met the scope and expectations of the new site.

Throughout the project design and build, our SEO team collaborated with UX and marketing stakeholders at Envista to craft a new SEO strategy ensuring the foundation was set for successful search engine optimization moving forward. Utilizing the valuable elements of SEO already established, our team created a built-to-last plan that covered keyword research and mapping, schema, metadata, technical SEO, event tracking, and KPI measurement reporting. 


  • Mobile-first design
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Advanced site search with categories
  • Expert directory with faceted navigation
  • Robust multi-media knowledge/resource directory
  • Region-based locations directory
  • Custom goal tracking and reporting
  • Language translation/localization
  • Custom multi-step, multi-audience form built in Umbraco Forms
  • Built-in custom feature to copy content from one language/region to another


After launching the redesigned website, Envista Forensics saw a 26% Year-over-Year increase in organic traffic to the website and they also moved into the top 1-3 search ranking positions for their target keywords.