Gold Key | PHR Hotels & Resorts Ticketing Application

Gold Key/PHR Hotels and Resorts (GKR)  has been a leader in the hospitality industry for more than 25 years. They manage a wide range of hospitality investments, including full service hotels, limited service hotels, resorts, and condominium properties in the mid-Atlantic region. GKR provides all services, including operations, marketing, accounting, and information technology. GKR required a new ticketing system to replace an aging ticketing system that was no longer supported by their primary vendors. The legacy system also did not support multiple locations, which was now needed by GKR.


The prime benefit the new system provides is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly application to assist sales staff in promoting tourism and community in Hampton Roads through tickets to local attractions while also creating a mechanism to schedule timeshare tours.

The system also replaces a costly, time-consuming vendor redemption process. The old process required GKR staff to travel between over 30 vendors across Hampton Roads to collect used vouchers. Vouchers then had to be hand-counted before invoicing occurred. The new system provides a web-based process which allows vendors to redeem vouchers in real time through unique barcode scanning. The system can also generate an automated report to determine voucher count and streamline the vendor invoice process. No more traveling vendor to vendor and hand counting.

The system offers a secure point of sale for credit card processing for both sales and refunds as well as a secure connection to a cash drawer for cash sales and access to hard tickets that could not be printed.


  • Secure, real-time voucher redemption process was required.
  • Application had to be mobile friendly to support ticket sales in the GKR kiosks and for vendor redemption.
  • Sales, printing, returns, and redemption were tracked by an audit process to prevent fraud and expedite the vendor reimbursement process.
  • Application had to support multiple locations.
  • Secure credit card and cash sale and refund processing.