LeadNav Native Mobile Application Development

LeadNav Systems LLC, based in North Carolina, provides advanced navigation technology to people who race, work, and play in extreme environments. The company leveraged deep experience in software development and off-road navigation to rebuild the GPS from the ground up and place it in the multipurpose iPhone and iPad. LeadNav’s goal is to empower their user population by giving them a powerful yet simple interface that can be taken anywhere.

LeadNav partnered with Marathon to revamp the initial release of their LeadNav GPS and Elite product lines and roll out version 2.0, and later 3.0, to the Apple app store. Each major release was packed with new features that the growing user community couldn’t find in similar apps. The true test of the app’s capabilities came in the form of the world’s most grueling off-road race, the Baja 1000. LeadNav GPS came through with flying colors and successfully completed the multi-day event, proving itself as a reliable and robust navigation platform even in the harshest conditions.

LeadNav and Marathon continue to work together to push product advances, add exciting new features, and expand the user population into both new industries and countries.


  • Responsive design to customize layout for iPhone and iPad (full and mini).
  • Proprietary navigation logic that is compatible with both internal and external GPS.
  • Ability to download maps for offline use.
  • Compatible with industry-standard GPX file format.
  • Provides users the ability to easily share saved navigation files via email and Airplay.