Partnering to Transform an Online Service Platform Through UX, Custom Development, and Data Integration

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LoanCare is an award-winning, nationally recognized leader in full-service subservicing to the mortgage industry. Since 1991, LoanCare has been a strategic partner to mortgage companies, Wall Street investors, community banks, government entities, credit unions, and non-profits. Combining strategic, technical, and operational expertise, LoanCare is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, innovative technologies, and superior performance to each of their clients.


In 2018, LoanCare partnered with Marathon Consulting to engage in a series of projects focused on the technological advancement and optimization of their suite of servicing solutions. The enhancements included technology upgrades for multiple portal websites, custom application development and integrations, and data analytics for portfolio management to create a seamless all-in-one experience for their clients.

Project: Borrower Websites (B2C)

Marathon’s UX team conducted user research and developed a strategy that involved the design of a new information architecture, user flows, and user interfaces (UIs) for LoanCare’s borrower website and post-login portal to improve and streamline the user experience. Marathon and LoanCare developers completed a full redesign of the front-end codebase and implemented all new UI designs, building in new content functionality and performance improvement features such as bundling and lazy loading for the front-end views. The completed B2C site was fully responsive and optimized for mobile, and Marathon and LoanCare QA specialists completed comprehensive functionality and cross-browser testing, as well as WCAG/ADA compliance testing and remediation, to ensure that the content and features were reachable to anyone without any barriers.

Project: Client Portal (B2B)

Implementing all new designs, Marathon and LoanCare’s development team completed a redesign and re-architecture of the client-facing website using Angular and .Net Core. This site served all of LoanCare’s clients, giving them access to their data. New features were introduced, including inquiry submission, client communications viewing (notifications), and retrieval of industry-related articles through the LoanCare Servicing site's RSS feed. The team also integrated a complex single sign-on (SSO) feature between the multiple platforms using identity management to allow for a seamless administration experience.

Project: Personalized Dynamic Advertising Content

As part of the custom application development tasks for the client portal, Marathon’s full-stack team worked with LoanCare to design and build new software for managing personalized content features for LoanCare’s borrowers. We integrated this new functionality into the client portal, adding a valuable feature to the back-office administration.

Project: LoanCare Analytics

One area many companies struggle with is data. Not knowing what metrics to track or how to interpret data can mean missed opportunities. LoanCare recognized the significant need for a robust data analytics solution in the mortgage servicing industry and designed an innovative and sophisticated all-in-one portfolio management system as part of their product offering.

Marathon joined the LoanCare data analytics team in the business analyst, web development, data analyst, and project manager roles and supported this project by augmenting their data platform to integrate real-time analytics and analysis capabilities to enhance their clients’ portfolio management. Tasks included building data visualization reports, data modeling, gathering requirements from the business for new fields to be included, and creating a data writeback application so updates could be made to data sources from within the data visualization reports.

LoanCare was selected by HousingWire as a 2023 Tech100 Mortgage award winner due to the “easy-to-understand visual graphs and interactive dashboards” that Marathon helped create, maintain, and improve for the LoanCare AnalyticsTM all-in-one portfolio management system.

Features Overview:

  • Improved user experience
  • Fully responsive
  • ADA compliance
  • Single sign-on
  • Improved loading performance
  • Content personalization
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Full portfolio management