Super Suds Website Redesign & Digital Advertising

Super Suds Laundromat in Long Beach California offers self-service and full-service laundering services. When Super Suds decided they wanted to update their website with an emphasis on building up their residential pick-up and delivery services and commercial business, they chose to partner with Marathon on the project. Their new website features strong visuals to showcase the quality of their machines and the services they offer as well as providing increased usability to ensure the visitor can get to the information most relevant to their needs very quickly and easily. 

Upon the website launch, Super Suds wanted to immediately drive traffic and create awareness for the full-service laundry offerings. Marathon worked with Super Suds to leverage Google AdWords search and display networks to accomplish their goals. Since the launch of their new website and digital marketing campaigns, they have experienced quintuple growth in their wash and fold laundry business.

525% Increase in Website Traffic

Since the launch of the new Super Suds website, they have an experienced a 525% increase in website traffic compared to the previous period.

500% Increase in Sales

Over the 4 years since their new website and digital marketing campaigns launched, Super Suds has quintupled their wash and fold laundry business.