Supporting T. Parker Host

T Parker Host, Inc. is a total solutions provider for the maritime industry that specializes in agency, terminal operations, and marine assets. Host has been in business for over 90 years and has developed a strong reputation in the maritime community for their expertise, transparency, and high standards of service.

Custom Application and Database Development

T. Parker engaged Marathon to take over day-to-day support of their application and database development projects. Marathon was able to come in and take ownership of the code base in a short time period. Marathon assessed the current system architecture, provided guidance on needed system enhancements, fixed existing issues, diagnosed performance problems, and helped design new modules and reports needed by operations and accounting.

Implemented Configuration Management

Implemented a source control environment to help manage the code base. Set up a test environment to facilitate development of system enhancements.

Improved System Performance

Analyzed database architecture and provided guidance on query performance issues. Centralized business logic to reduce repetitive code in the application to improve maintainability.

Website Redesign and CMS Implementation

They turned to Marathon when they were in the beginning stages of a website redesign effort, but realized they needed more help building an enterprise website. Marathon completed the design effort from their incumbent website design vendor, added new page designs, and designed the responsive views. Marathon then developed the website on the Umbraco CMS, using a grid layout on the backend that enables the user to easily manage their pages with a toolbox of interchangeable components. The website also features a customer portal that allows T. Parker Host's clients to view reports. A management tool was created in the Umbraco back office that allows the admin to upload reports and set specific user privileges, which gives clients access to reports tailored to their needs.