The Breeden Company & Breeden Construction Websites

Nationally recognized, with 60 years of expertise in every facet of the industry, The Breeden Company is a real estate development company that boasts a portfolio of over 15,000 apartments that have been owned, managed, and developed as well as over 2 million square feet of retail and office space.  The Breeden Company has three major subsidiaries - Breeden Property Management, Breeden Realty, and Breeden Construction.


The Breeden Company wanted to redesign their company website ( to highlight their service offerings, as well as showcase both multi-family and commercial properties.  They also wanted a brand-new, standalone website created for Breeden Construction.


Marathon implemented the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS), and leveraged the multi-site functionality to build and develop the two separate websites. The focus of the project was to meet the company’s goals of emphasizing the magnitude of their businesses and giving Breeden Construction, a major division of The Breeden Companies, a site of their own to support their marketing efforts. The designs were created to give the client tremendous flexibility when creating new pages, adding, and removing properties, executive biographies, and more.

The centerpieces of website are the apartment and commercial property listing pages. Each section features both a property list and map view that allows users to filter and find properties that suit their needs. Within the backend Umbraco CMS, these templates were built so the Breeden team could easily add/update properties and photos. An employee portal was also developed as part of this project within Umbraco. This allows The Breeden Company to provide employee specific information behind a login for employee access while allowing the client to manage internal and external content all within the CMS.

When creating the website, it was important to tell the story of Breeden Construction, and highlight the many successful projects they have delivered throughout the company’s history. The website also features a ‘Bid Room’ that helps streamline Breeden Construction’s business procedures for managing the subcontractor onboarding process.