IT & Marketing Solutions for Public Utilities

Data, Data Everywhere

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Since Marathon Consulting began, we have engaged in technology consulting within the public utilities industry. We have provided several different services, including:

Specific applications supported by Marathon consultants include:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Revenue analysis
  • Plant maintenance management
  • Process control
  • Cost-of-services analysis
  • Specialized management reporting
  • Business intelligence and data integration
  • Payment management

The public utilities arena is data intensive. That's why we have, for example, assisted clients by consolidating power usage and generation data from disparate sources into a centralized database. We also design and build applications that automate the electronic exchange of data (XML format) between the client and an electronic clearinghouse for power usage and generation data.

We also implement custom, ad hoc reporting solutions that give non-technical users the ability to design and execute their own reports without programmer assistance.

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