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December 10, 2020 Stephanie Yost 10 minute read

What is project management? Why is it essential? We explain the details, the process, and why a solid project management methodology implemented by a project manager is a true hidden gem in successful IT projects.

June 18, 2018 Bryan Hickman 6 minute read

The Project Management Day of Service is a one-day community service event in which project managers provide pro bono project management skills to nonprofit leaders. This year, the event supported five non-profits in Hampton Roads. Marathon's Bryan...

August 07, 2017 Bryan Hickman 7 minute read

The Hampton Roads chapter of Project Management Institute (PMIHR) held its annual Professional Development Conference (PDC) on June 22, 2017. Marathon has long been a Sponsor of this important annual event and several team members were able to...

Professional Development

June 21, 2017 Al Moore 2 minute read

Many organizations ask Marathon why they should consider outsourcing an IT project to a third-party service provider. In our experience, outsourcing has delivered many outstanding results for our clients. A few of the advantages of the outsourcing...

June 09, 2017 Bryan Hickman 9 minute read

This article is a brief overview of Lean Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and provides the benefits to your organization’s efforts to modernizing their PPM practices. Lean PPM directs an organization’s focus on eliminating time consuming...

November 15, 2016 Bryan Hickman 5 minute read

We have all heard the bedtime story. A little over fifteen years ago, at a ski resort in Utah, a gaggle of software development experts with various backgrounds collocated for a weekend to change the world for the better.


November 15, 2016 Al Moore 3 minute read

You are about to begin a custom software development project. You have identified several companies with the required technical expertise. Now, you need to identify the firm that offers the best chance of project success. The best way to identify...

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