Marathon Consulting Announces New Service Offering - Marathons by Marathon (April Fools!)

April 01, 2016


Marathon Consulting LLC, a leading IT Consulting firm, announced today that they
are releasing a new service offering. Marathon has been providing IT services for 10 years, and to mark their 10-year anniversary, Marathon is entering into the personal trainer market. In the Hampton roads area, the marathon and running events in the area have increased by 300% in the past 5 years. This has created a large increase in people looking for help to achieve their goals and run the distance. To answer this need Marathon has created a new service offering called Marathons by Marathon.

Marathons by Marathon will have the following tiers of service:

  • Bronze Tier:
    • Marathon will coach clients via email, and track their progress through a proprietary mobile application called “MarathonTracker”
    • Guarantees 10-minute mile in 10 weeks
  • Silver Tier:
    • All benefits of the Bronze Tier
    • 2 In-Person running outings a month, called “MCSessions”
    • Includes a personalized 13.1 Bumper sticker on completion of the clients first half-marathon
  • Gold Tier:
    • This is the full service tier.
    • Marathon will register and run a full marathon of your choice in your name.
    • Includes personal photos of you running the race, done via green screen and Photoshop.
    • Includes a personalized 26.2 Bumper sticker

Harris Pezzella, President of Marathon Consulting, said, “With a talented and fit staff like we have, it makes perfect sense to enter the personal trainer market.” He continued, “Our staff is already running, why not help our clients achieve their running goals as well?”

Our first Marathons by Marathon client, Bill Gates, had this to say: “With the help of Marathons by Marathon I was able to complete one of the items off of my bucket list. They helped me achieve my dream of running a full Marathon and I didn’t have to leave my office cubicle. I even received a photo and personalized bumper sticker to show that I ran the race. My friends and family are going to be shocked at my accomplishment. Thank you again Marathons by Marathon for taking great strides in making a lifelong dream become a reality."


Erin Mullinax

Virginia Beach Office (HQ)

4525 Columbus St, Suite 200

Virginia Beach, VA 23462



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