Marathon Consulting Announces Team Additions 2018 Q1

April 12, 2018

Marathon Consulting, LLC, a leading Information Technology Consulting and Digital Marketing firm based in Coastal Virginia, announced a recent expansion resulting in the addition of 4 team members. Each of the new team members are assigned to clients throughout Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia.


Harris Pezzella, President of Marathon Consulting, said, “The start of a new year following one as successful as 2017 can carry with it the burden of continuing that level of success and momentum, and part of that includes the challenge of finding new talented IT professionals who will help to maintain the high level of standards for which Marathon's reputation has been built.” He continued, “With the start of 2018, we are fortunate that these most recent additions to the Marathon family are a clear reflection of that commitment to the quality and values that have been at our company's core since we began in 2006.”

The new employees include the following individuals.


Jaxon C. - Jaxon joined Marathon in January 2018 as an Information Technology Consultant. He brings over 2 years of application and data development experience. Jaxon is currently assigned to multiple Marathon web-centric projects to leverage his talented skill set.

Karsten W. - Karsten joined Marathon in January 2018 as an Information Technology Consultant. He brings over 5 years of software design and development experience. Karsten is currently assigned to a national healthcare organization in Norfolk, Virginia.


Jamie W. - Jamie joined Marathon in March 2018 as a Business Technology Consultant leveraging her IT services, operations management, vendor management, and training experience. Jamie is currently assigned to the largest regional Municipality in the Hampton Roads area.


Kwesi A. - Kwesi joined Marathon in March 2018 as a Senior Information Technology Consultant. He brings over 10 years of design, development, and delivery of creative and reliable IT solutions. Kwesi is currently assigned to the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives, in Norfolk, VA.

Erin Mullinax

Virginia Beach Office (HQ)

4525 Columbus St, Suite 200

Virginia Beach, VA 23462



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