Tom Marsden Promoted to Associate Vice President

January 28, 2015

Marathon Consulting, LLC, a leading Information Technology Consulting firm, recently announced the promotion of Thomas ("Tom") Marsden to the position of Associate Vice President. Tom joined Marathon in 2010 as a Senior Information Technology Consultant. Almost immediately, he distinguished himself as a solutions provider and as a leader within the company. He has been responsible for spearheading many technical innovations that have benefited both Marathon and clients alike. In his new role, Tom's proven talent, energy, and versatility will be leveraged as he focuses on assisting Marathon with the many internal quality and leadership initiatives that continue to drive the success of the company.


Harris Pezzella, President of Marathon, was quoted as saying, "The elevation of Tom is an important milestone in the history of Marathon. In his new role, Marathon not only has become a stronger organization that will provide even better quality to our clients and our consultants, but we also take great pride in witnessing the ascent of one of our own to such a significant leadership position. It gives further testimony to the overall quality of our people and the faith we put in our processes."

Erin Mullinax

Virginia Beach Office (HQ)

4525 Columbus St, Suite 200

Virginia Beach, VA 23462



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