Supporting Hall Automotive

MileOne Automotive, a large multi-division automotive retailer, relies on a sophisticated set of performance metrics to manage and evaluate the financial performance of over 70 franchises. Continued growth in the number and volume of the dealerships required a more highly automated solution. Hall Automotive, a division of MileOne, located in Hampton Roads, relies on Marathon for all of their complex web application development, database integrations and specialized reporting, and mobile app development requirements.

Executive/Dashboard Reporting

"Marathon has been a key strategic partner for Hall Automotive in achieving goals through application development and support. Marathon's personnel and understanding of our business provide unparalleled value-added support to our organization."
Bill Baker, President & COO 

Marathon was contracted to work with the senior executives of Hall Automotive and its parent company MileOne to design a solution that would consolidate and standardize the data without reliance on manual spreadsheets. Prior to the development of the new system, data was manually gathered from two distinct applications (one custom application and one proprietary, hosted by a third-party) and dozens of manual systems. Data was lifted from reports and was then entered into Excel for consolidation and reconciliation. The data included a wide range of revenue, cost, profit, inventory, and customer data housed in these different archives.

Our team’s responsibilities during the project included defining requirements and priorities, developing functional and technical design specifications, designing the database, constructing code, and performing all phases of testing, user acceptance, and implementation.

Inventory Management Application

Marathon designed and developed a web application that was used in the dealerships to maximize inventory efficiency. The web application was developed with ASP.NET web application on a MS SQL Server back end.  The application also interfaced with the Hall's CRM, ADP’s Dealer Management Software (DMS), and several other third-party vehicle valuation systems. The application served as a central access point for general managers to gather and manipulate data and to generate reports. 

Maximizing Inventory Efficiency

The application standardized and consolidated the data from all Hall locations, allowing general managers to generate real-time reports supporting critical inventory decisions. 

Speed Up Trade-In Evaluations

Consolidated manual processes from 3 different third-party vehicle valuation systems into a single user interface for general managers to appraise customer trade-ins. 

Integrating/Sharing Data

Consolidated data across the all dealerships and corporate offices, allowing real-time side-by-side analysis of inventory and other metrics.