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And Can Help Deliver Rock-Solid IT Solutions

With every IT project, it is important to have skilled professionals who understand the needs of the business and effectively translate those needs into rock solid IT solutions. Whether it is the development of a custom software solution or the purchase of a new off-the-shelf package solution, understanding every detail of the business's needs is paramount in delivering the right solution.

At Marathon, we have the finest business analysts and systems analysts that the industry has to offer. Whether your project demands a more business-oriented or technical-oriented analyst, our advisory team is second to none.

All of our analysts are expert at:

  • Drafting business requirements
  • Documenting workflows
  • Creating use cases
  • Writing requests for proposals
  • Testing software

For all of Marathon's managed engagements, there is a business or system analyst who is assigned to do the preliminary analysis and document the business requirements. They work hand in hand with an application architect to create a requirements document and lay out technical specifications that will be used as the roadmap for a new software solution.

In other cases, our clients will call upon Marathon to provide them with an analyst to supplement their team on a staff augmentation basis. Our advisory team's expertise in a variety of industries allows us to step up to our clients' needs no matter the challenge. These industries include health care, manufacturing, local government, transportation, financial, and many others.

As with most of our services, what sets Marathon apart is our team's experience. No matter the challenge and need of your analysis project, Marathon has the right consultant to fit your needs.

Please contact us today to see how our business and system analysis services can help your company!

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