Marathon Consulting Ranked Among Top 10 IT Firms in Hampton Roads

July 21, 2008

Marathon Consulting, located in Virginia Beach, was recently recognized by Inside Business magazine as one of the Top 10 Information Technology firms in the Hampton Roads area. Inside Business ranked Marathon in 2 separate categories. The first ranking category, IT Consulting, was published on April 14th and includes those IT firms who provide consulting services to businesses, non-profits, and local and federal governmental agencies. Typical service offerings in this category would include IT planning, IT advisory services, packaged software selection, business analysis, IT performance assessment, internet marketing, project management, and IT due diligence.

The 2nd category, Computer Software Development, was published on June 23rd and includes those firms who offer programming and other related services. This would include such services as business requirements definition; application and database design; complex internet, intranet, and extranet application design and construction; search engine optimization (SEO); data warehousing; ETL analysis and programming; specialty reporting; and other turnkey solutions.

The Inside Business rankings were based upon the number of IT consultants each firm employs in the Hampton Roads area. Marathon considers being ranked in the Top 10 in both categories as quite significant because the firm was just launched 27 months ago. Read more about the Inside Business Lists by logging onto

Erin Mullinax

Virginia Beach Office (HQ)

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