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Great show for topics on SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. This podcast has a professional level of production and great interviews from the Microsoft Product Group and other top experts in the Microsoft data space. I am a data architecture professional and listen to this show often to keep up to date.

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Podcast Episodes
Episode 264
Verified Backups
April 12, 2023
41 minutes
Guest Chris Marshall, owner of Verified Backups, discusses backup best practices and shares what his company does to help organizations test their backups.
Episode 263
SQL Server This ‘n That
March 29, 2023
42 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts answer a couple of listener questions around SQL Server and discuss Eugene’s recent experience at SQL Bits.
Episode 258
Leave 2022 Enter 2023
December 28, 2022
30 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts talk about cardinality estimation changes in SQL Server 2022 and share their learning goals for 2023.
Episode 256
The Community Episode
November 03, 2022
57 minutes
SQL community members give shout-outs, share thoughts on SQL Server 2022, and answer SQL Family Questions while the podcast co-hosts comment.
Episode 250
What happens before...“COMPAÑEROS!”
July 27, 2022
19 minutes
Podcast episode look back at some of the funniest parts of doing the SQL Data Partners Podcast, some behind the scenes and some previously published.
Episode 247
Pushing the Boundaries or Pushing Your Luck
June 15, 2022
36 minutes
IT workers will generally claim they like learning new technology—it is almost a required attribute.  Why then is bringing in new technology so hard?  In th ...
Episode 224
The Standup Meeting
April 28, 2021
24 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts are back together and reconnect at a new streaming time and chat briefly about Scalar UDF inlining.
Episode 223
Podcast Update
April 14, 2021
9 minutes
Podcast host Carlos goes over podcast changes, invites listeners to come on the podcast as guests, submit for SQL Trail June Call for Speakers and more.
Episode 217
A Little Something About A Few Things
February 10, 2021
34 minutes
SQL Data Partners Podcast chats about SQL Server Patching, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and the importance of taking care of your mental health.
Episode 216
February 03, 2021
33 minutes
SQL Data Partners Podcast discusses how EDI is different than ETL, what the differences are, and how it helps create defined lines for data integration teams.
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