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Great show for topics on SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. This podcast has a professional level of production and great interviews from the Microsoft Product Group and other top experts in the Microsoft data space. I am a data architecture professional and listen to this show often to keep up to date.

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Podcast Episodes
Episode 262
Learning Azure Synapse Pt 1
March 15, 2023
32 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts discuss Eugene Meidinger’s journey so far in working on his goal to learn Azure Synapse in 2023.
Episode 257
The Business of Working for Yourself
November 30, 2022
40 minutes
Guest John Sterrett, President of ProcureSQL, joins this episode to talk with the co-hosts about the challenges and benefits of becoming your own boss.
Episode 247
Pushing the Boundaries or Pushing Your Luck
June 15, 2022
36 minutes
IT workers will generally claim they like learning new technology—it is almost a required attribute.  Why then is bringing in new technology so hard?  In th ...
Episode 234
Communication Tips for the IT Pro
October 06, 2021
62 minutes
As a data pro, you are negotiating and problem-solving all the time, often without knowing it. Your success as a professional as your company evolves its Da ...
Episode 232
Giving Technical Presentations
September 01, 2021
54 minutes
Guest Chris Seferlis of Microsoft gives advice on public speaking, including preparation, soliciting feedback, audience engagement, and handling criticism.
Episode 231
Mental Health and Wellness in IT
August 11, 2021
60 minutes
Return guest Tracy Boggiano chats with the podcast co-hosts about mental health in IT and how each of us can contribute to the discussion.
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Episode 210
The Elephant in the Room
December 18, 2020
53 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast talks about the collapse of the PASS organization and what ideas and values will carry over into the future.
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Episode 209
Career Ready: Advice to New Graduates
December 14, 2020
51 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast shares ideas for newly graduated students on getting a job and integrating into the workforce. Get Career Ready.
Episode 173
New Data Certifications
June 12, 2019
37 minutes
Guest Rick Heiges, Sernior Consultant at Microsoft, discusses Microsoft's new role-based certifications and how they fit into Microsoft’s cloud platform.
Episode 64
Are Microsoft Certifications Worth It?
October 03, 2016
35 minutes
Guest Patrick Thomas, Microsoft MCP and MCT Programs Manager, discusses the role certifications play, and in what way they continue to provide value.
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