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Great show for topics on SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. This podcast has a professional level of production and great interviews from the Microsoft Product Group and other top experts in the Microsoft data space. I am a data architecture professional and listen to this show often to keep up to date.

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Podcast Episodes
Episode 65
Building a Great Data Architecture
October 03, 2016
38 minutes
Guest Jason Horner, Business Intelligence Solutions Architect, chats about data warehouse use, cube maintenance and building a good data architecture.
Episode 63
Availability Groups
September 21, 2016
36 minutes
Guest John Sterrett, CEO and principal consultant, chats on the new features of Availability Groups in 2016 and how data availability options have changed.
Episode 62
Ask me anything--Cortana Intelligence Suite
September 06, 2016
35 minutes
Guest Melissa Coates chats about how the Cortana Intelligence Suite is all the rage these days and how Microsoft is coming out with lots of new features.
Episode 61
The Debrief
September 05, 2016
47 minutes
Guest Russ Thomas, Senior DBA , shares the who, what, where, why, and how of a good debrief and how to implement it in a corporate setting.
Episode 60
September 02, 2016
40 minutes
Guest Azhagappan Arunachalam, Sr Application Database Architect, talks about U-SQL and where it fits into the pyramid of tools available for us to use.
Episode 59
Mirroring, Availability Groups, Replication, and Log shipping
August 24, 2016
50 minutes
Guests Andy Mallon and Mariano Kovo chat about the differences between availability groups, mirroring, log shipping, and replication.
Episode 57
The SQL Server Hit List - Our Least Favorite Features
August 16, 2016
40 minutes
SQL Data Partners Podcast hosts Steve and Carlos take a page out of the SQL Server Radio book and talk about 10 of their least favorite SQL Server features.
Episode 58
Four Ways to Stay Sharp with Technical Learning
August 15, 2016
27 minutes
The hosts, Carlos and Steve, discuss and give thoughts on how you can stay up to date with your technical learning with all the changes in technology.
Episode 56
Favorite SQL Server 2016 Features
July 26, 2016
41 minutes
Guests Jonathan Stewart, Kevin Feasel, Mike Fal, and Microsoft employee Scott Klein discuss their favorite SQL Server 2016 features.
Episode 55
Reporting Services Changes in SQL 2016
July 26, 2016
42 minutes
Guest Jessica M. Moss, data architect, talks about some of the new features of SSRS and how this plays into the larger ecosystem of reporting.
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