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Great show for topics on SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. This podcast has a professional level of production and great interviews from the Microsoft Product Group and other top experts in the Microsoft data space. I am a data architecture professional and listen to this show often to keep up to date.

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Podcast Episodes
Episode 206
.NET Core Interactions with SQL Server
September 16, 2020
39 minutes
Guest Taurius Litvinavicius, businessman, author and tech expert, discusses .NET Core Interactions with SQL Server and his liveVideo training course.
Episode 205
Data Modeling for Power BI
September 03, 2020
36 minutes
Co-hosts chat about data preparation for Power BI reporting and steps you might take to improve the performance and ease the maintenance of your reports.
Episode 204
IoT in Azure
August 19, 2020
26 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts chat about the Internet of Things (IoT) offerings for consuming, processing, and reporting in Microsoft Azure.
Episode 203
Spark in Action
August 06, 2020
46 minutes
Guest author Jean-Georges Perrin discusses Spark technology, how it applies to data stewards, and whether Python or Java will get you where you need to be.
Episode 202
Virtual Conferences
July 22, 2020
51 minutes
Guest Matt Gordon, Microsoft Certified Professional, discusses his experience with virtual events, organizing them, and the attendee experience.
Episode 201
Common Data Model
July 08, 2020
37 minutes
Guest Tricia Wilcox Almas, Microsoft Data & AI Solution Architect Emeritus, talks about the Common Data Model, why it was created, and who might use it.
Episode 200
Anything but the Cowboys . . .
June 24, 2020
53 minutes
Guest Bob Ward, Principal Architect at Microsoft, discusses SQL Server, how far the technology has come, and why relational databases still play a vital role.
Episode 199
Technical Debt
May 06, 2020
51 minutes
Guest Adam Lenda, independent consultant, chats about technical debt, how it is created, and how IT professionals can work together to reduce the debt.
Episode 198
Cloud Infrastructure
April 22, 2020
37 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts chat about cloud infrastructure, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS models and how organizations might choose an offering.
Episode 197
Power Query in Power BI
April 15, 2020
23 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts chat about Power Query, it's origin, uses, how to learn, and why you may need to edit M code.
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