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Great show for topics on SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. This podcast has a professional level of production and great interviews from the Microsoft Product Group and other top experts in the Microsoft data space. I am a data architecture professional and listen to this show often to keep up to date.

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Podcast Episodes
Episode 226
SQL Server IaaS Agent Extension
June 09, 2021
59 minutes
Guest Ameena Lalani, Microsoft Customer Engineer, explains the IaaS Agent extension for VMs in Azure where SQL Server has been installed manually.
Episode 225
Dashboard Design Principles
May 26, 2021
57 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts discuss report dashboard design principles: the good and the bad, the dos and the don’ts, and some of the science behind it all.
Episode 224
The Standup Meeting
April 28, 2021
24 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts are back together and reconnect at a new streaming time and chat briefly about Scalar UDF inlining.
Episode 223
Podcast Update
April 14, 2021
9 minutes
Podcast host Carlos goes over podcast changes, invites listeners to come on the podcast as guests, submit for SQL Trail June Call for Speakers and more.
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Episode 222
Azure Arc-enabled Data Services
March 24, 2021
64 minutes
Guests Ben Weissman & Anthony Nocentino, authors of the book Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services Revealed, help us understand Azure Arc-enabled data services.
Episode 221
SQL Trail March 2021 Retrospective
March 22, 2021
39 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts chat about SQL Trail March 2021 and how they were able to provide the “hallway conversation” for attendees.
Episode 220
Microsoft Ignite Recap
March 10, 2021
45 minutes
The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts discuss the new offerings and updates that were announced at last week's Microsoft Ignite event.
Episode 219
SQL Server Inventory
February 24, 2021
48 minutes
SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts talk about options for how we document our SQL Server environments and how we do server inventories.
Episode 218
File Growths
February 17, 2021
31 minutes
SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts chat about file growths in SQL Server: how they play into performance and why they’re important.
Episode 217
A Little Something About A Few Things
February 10, 2021
34 minutes
SQL Data Partners Podcast chats about SQL Server Patching, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and the importance of taking care of your mental health.
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